I love little utilities that save me time - even a wee bit. Folda (for OS X via the App Store) is one of those nifty gems that can take away the pain of creating folder structures for your projects.

Typically for a website project I create the following folder structure:

Project name - [year]

_ffc (files from client)
_ftc (file to client)

There are a series of other folders that are created once I start using git too but this is the bare bones with what I start with.

An example print design folder structure would be:

Project name - [year]

_old copied work
_to Printer
- _old
- _old

I take the approach that once these are created it’s easier to delete the odd folder if I don’t think it’ll be used rather than create each one from scratch.

A neat function of Folda is being able to create your structure within a base folder: Project name - [year]. Because I’m fussy (some of the time) I like to setup my website project folders with a year suffix, mainly because some sites I work go through revisions down the track:

Which is great because within Folda you can create a base folder, which contains your structure, using a keyword pattern, for example: ##WEBSITE&& - [##YEAR&&] or for my print work: ##PROJECT&& - [[##YEAR&&]]

Unfortunately at the time of writing Folda doesn’t support square brackets in the template pattern. I know, call me fussy but I like my square brackets. It’s a hangover from my Windows-using years whereby I’d get a BSOD (look it up) when you added parentheses to a filename or folder. But a squeaky tweet got the attention of the developer who’s acknowledged this horrendous, first-world problem and is working on a fix. [A recent update has fixed this.]

Visit the Folda website: or better yet go and buy the thing.

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