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This was the first time I’d attempted to use Keynote to wireframe/design a site. (Below is an image straight from Keynote.) WTH? I hear you say, Keynote is like, well, PowerPoint isn’t it? Yes, it’s a presentation tool but it has some very handy drawing and layout tools. But it’s the multiple master pages that make it extremely useful for preparing layouts of varying components. Not only that but getting a PDF out of Keynote to send to a client is a cinch.

Previously I would have used Illustrator with a multipage plugin. Fun as that is to use on rare occasions, it can be a real pig to get a completed mockup out of. And let’s face it, Illustrator is great for technical illustrations and diagrams not page layouts.

Out with the old

This site previously ran an old and very outdated Core version of ExpressionEngine (which was discontinued by EllisLab and since reintroduced in 2013). It was in fact the first site I built with EE. I’ll admit to cringing quite a bit as I looked through my old work. Putting it through an upgrade and redoing it all just looked like too much work. Well, not that much but I felt it was better to start fresh.

ExpressionEngine 2 as a product now is essentially the same as EE 1. A multi-channel/blog setup, custom fields, an entries list and a means to categorise everything. It just didn’t fit into the idea for what I had in mind for this new site. And looking at the proposed site map put me off using EE completely. I could have used Structure to fake a page heirarchy bit I find it flakey to use. Don’t get me wrong I’m not bagging EE, it just was not a good fit for this site.


Technically this isn’t the first ProcessWire site I’ve sent live but it is by far the largest in terms of pages. I chose ProcessWire for a few reasons.

The development site was built under a subdomain. When it came time to make the site live it was simply a case of moving all the system and site files to the root directory. So that took about 2 minutes after I’d backed up and moved the old EE 1.6 site out of the way. ProcessWire doesn’t care what directory it lives in so long as the system, templates and database are all within reach. It was brilliant from start to finish.

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