‘Thumbnails’ for ProcessWire

Lately I’ve been building a number of sites for artists - illustrators mainly. And the main gripe I have with the CMSs I use ProcessWire, Textpattern* and ExpressionEngine) is their handling of images, specifically the ability to crop an image for the purposes of creating a thumbnail. I don’t mean just any old crop like Top Right, Bottom Left etc - which might be ok in certain circumstances with something like phpThumb or TimThumb. I mean being able to draw a square or rectangle on a specific feature of an image you want to display.

Having used ProcessWire on a few jobs I thought I’d give something back to the community by sponsoring the development of the Thumbnails module.


All the programming credit goes to Antti Peisa in Finland who coded it all and wrangled jCrop into this fine module.

Rather than waffle on about it you can see it in action (5m 30s) in this demo. Give it a whirl. I hope you like it.


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